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Me & my boiiii Perry from Circles. I don’t look metal enough here, I kinda look more like I’m posing with Katy Perry with that grin but oh well! #iammetal #newfaveband #Circles

+  09:46 pm, by martinisandmoonbeams

Living in a Halloween dream #pumpkinlove

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Latest obsession! Cannot stop listening to the funky beats (Love Gun is soooo my fave). Happy Friday Bitches! #rickjames #thatfridayfeeling

+  12:21 pm, by martinisandmoonbeams

This is me. Forever looking for the beauty of elsewhere but I understand the true beauty is where I am in the present. But I’m not lost; no way, I’m just discovering & that’s what my blog is all about #happiness #lost #discovery #quote

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The zombie epidemic worsens (or gets more fun!) increase the blood spatters! Bring on giggles with best friends in a beautiful city! #london #worldzombieday (at Piccadilly Circus)

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Transformation complete! Zombie attack is imminent #worldzombieday #zombie #flowers (at Madame Tussauds London)

+  06:09 pm, by martinisandmoonbeams

No one knows that underneath this mac there is a zombie beneath….I’m just waiting to turn. In about an hour my transformation will be complete muhahahahahaha…. #worldzombieday #mac #redlips #whatliesbeneath

+  03:35 pm, by martinisandmoonbeams

Bras off! Barry White on! Surrendering to our emotions. #girlsnight @louniverse #satitday every girl needs a night like this @spasiapandora (at London Victoria Station)

+  12:00 am, by martinisandmoonbeams

Rock n’ Roll! Sitting on big ass rocks & taking in the view is my favourite thing to do (haha I made a rhyme!) woop! #bowderstone #geologyrocks #lakedistrict #hiking (at Bowderstone)

+  04:25 pm, by martinisandmoonbeams1

I sat on the edge of this pier for last night’s sunset & this morning to meditate. It was spectacular! Sometimes I think I am a country bumpkin after all coz I adore just being immersed in nature. Coming here has brought back so many memories of NZ & how happy I was travelling there solo. God damn I love you nature! #lakedistrict #peace #happiness (at Derwentwater Caravan Park)

+  11:07 am, by martinisandmoonbeams1